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William Eckhardt is a predominant figure in the financial field, however, it is practically unknown to the common public, within the elite traders it is known, just as there are leaders in other fields, one could imagine Eckhardt appearing in one of those old American Express ads (which had names still unknown, but famous as presidential buddy of Barry Goldwater) 😕 “Do you know him? He was a partner of perhaps the best futures speculator of our time, Richard Dennis, who bet Richard Dennis that the trading skill could not be taught, the experiment of the group known as the turtles, was the result solved this question “.

William Eckhardt brings many advantages by working in trading system design, years of experience as a trader both on and off the floor, an analytical mind, obviously sharp, and a rigorous mathematical training, this combination of Eckhardt gives you an advantage over the most of the trading system designers.

LinkedIn: https://ve.linkedin.com/company/eckhardt-trading-company

Originally posted 2021-03-31 11:45:16.

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