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Ted Waller, self-described as we can see in his Twitter profile: “Co-founder of Trader Secrets Magazine. Market strategies designer. Passionate about financial markets, and Valencian around the world.

This good man turns out to be one of the most admired traders in the social networks since he represents that profile to himself and with what he has managed to become a little famous without external help of any kind, managing to survive the blows that sometimes the markets give to the traders and from which many entrepreneurs do not get to be able to get up later. Ted is a thread of hope for those who believe it is impossible to achieve intraday points in the financial markets. Personally and also technically, the interview we have done has given us enough and even more, we hope that our readers will be equally enriching and useful in their way of trading.

When you meet people who have different market experiences and different experiences of what is a passion for you, you learn a lot of things. In addition, if they “open up” and share their research in the market, the added value of that meeting is guaranteed. I encourage Traders with different market experiences to do this kind of sharing and share their experiences that although they see them very simple or obvious, they surely provide a lot of valuable information to the rest.

Blog: http://blog.sepio.net/about/

Twitter (@Ted_Waller) : https://twitter.com/Ted_Waller

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ted-waller-3454777a

Originally posted 2020-11-30 17:11:52.

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