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The fund of Steve Clark, Omni Global Fund, has achieved a remarkable performance consistency, the strategy they employ has been profitable every year since its inception more than 15 years ago (2001).

Its worst year was an increase of only 0.7% in 2011, in its annual composite yield, the Omni average is an impressive 19.4%, but what really distinguishes Omni is that it achieved these strong returns while the worst reduction in sales occurred. peak to valley capital of a modest 7%.

The fund’s Sharpe ratio is very high at 1.50, however the Sharpe ratio does not distinguish between upside and downward volatility, underestimates the fund’s performance because volatility has been strongly skewed upwards, many months have gone by profits above 4%, and some much higher, but only two months with losses above this level (both less than 5%).

As a result of a combination of strong gains and moderate losses, the fund has an extremely high profit / loss ratio of 4.1, in 2008, an absolutely disastrous year for hedge funds driven by events: the Hedge Fund Research (HFR) index for this sector dropped 22% in the year, but Omni actually went up 15%.

Warren Buffett has said that “only when the tide is out is it discovered who has been swimming naked.” In 2008, he made it clear that Omni swam fully dressed in multiple layers.


Originally posted 2019-06-24 23:02:48.

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