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It is clear that you have a good training to take you to have a system that makes you win. No matter the percentage of whether it is very winning or very little, the issue is that the system must be accompanied by an efficient and spartan monetary management.

Have financial stops and mental stops that must be met. To then add, that trading is a covert coaching process, so as you start you will leave your dark areas that depending on how you are you should treat them alone or in some cases with a professional. When you have all this checked, the probability of making money consistently increases. And we have to understand, that we also need to have money to operate, not to think that with € 1,000 we are going to earn another 1,000 at the end of the month.

First, look for 5 people from this world and talk to them personally. If you can be personally better. Once they tell you the reality of this activity, see what their family, professional, money situation, etc … Once all these parameters are established, mark a plan according to each one of the decisions.

If in the end you opt for an individualized training in the form of training we must understand that it has a higher cost than a group. Therefore this person will have to first save. Another example is that you have that capital to be trained but not to open an account, because the same thing, while it is being formed, learns to see graphs and controls the whole system, you will have to save until you can get a minimum amount to start with.



Originally posted 2020-12-31 13:40:22.

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