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He is a businessman and financial analyst, specialized in the forex world and founding partner of the Forex Division S.L. Del Amo has dedicated his whole life to the development of companies, both new and established. Strategic partner in different companies, investor and writer of two books that will see the light very soon, «The lies of the stock market» is one of them.

Since I was very young I liked the world of companies, I started like everyone else developing basic shopping and retail businesses, among friends and family. Without realizing it, I was already an entrepreneur.

At the age of 18 I was already running a restaurant, the first job or job I learned and with 19 I had the first one. I lived in a rented flat in which I sublet the 3 rooms that I had left and with this I paid the total expenses of the rent. From a very young age I tried to take advantage of the circumstances that life gave me and always see how you could improve or optimize a process or action to give more benefit.

Always trying to surround myself with productive people and related to my ideas, I had numerous businesses before turning 21, real estate franchise, car sales, an agency, etc … my talent has only been one: work hard.

In the world of investments I started more than 8 years ago, I started self-taught, I think like many, taking my capital and playing the stock market. I discovered that it was a fascinating world and that I was comfortable in this area. Always with a vision of the entrepreneur, the money that is invested can be earned or lost but we must be aware that both possibilities exist and both one and the other are valid and acceptable.

After 1 year I lost all the money I had invested, my motivation had vanished after being almost 10 hours a day trying, testing and trying to make money, without knowing how, paying attention to people who said they were gurus or connoisseurs but did not offer real results



Originally posted 2020-10-30 19:29:30.

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