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Rosario Carrasco Flores (September 15, 1982) born in Peru, resides in Spain; he specializes in Forex, stock exchange strategies, CFDs, commodities, Indexes, Commodities and Futures.
He studied at the School of Economic and Administrative Sciences at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and holds a Mag. Degree in economics.
Very little is known about her, due to her personal conduct; which is always very discreet and even low profile, prefer to stay out of the press. Among its virtues include being hardworking, responsible, entrepreneurial, applied (in the forex this is a virtue), and above all in solidarity; So much so, that he offers his knowledge of forex strategies and methods for free; so that others can reach their goals and obtain excellent benefits economically speaking.
It is for these reasons that we can say that Rosario Carrasco is an exceptional trader and represents professionalism for the common good, she with her efforts and constant work has developed excellent trading techniques and methodologies, based on technical and financial analysis; Through these techniques he has obtained very good profits; in the same one that has been operating for more than 4 years in the euro dollar.
Rosario from a very young age began to have a great interest in betting, this hobby led her to start in the stock market business, as well as to operate in it and get to know the real estate investments, she also has another hobby that is yoga. This discipline taught him to control his emotions, something essential for trading on the stock market.
Since 2006 she is an independent trader and manager operating from different countries. In 2008 she was trading for Easy Forex and then was invited to be part of the Introducing Broker “Boston Merchant Financial”, in which she obtained extraordinary returns, achieving a good profit with the fall of the indexes and the rise of gold and oil , in operations always in the medium-long term. It is there where I develop an automatic system based on long-term moving averages, with this system I gain little by little and without much risk, there he showed his ability in trading, his control of emotions leaving his operations open for days. In 2010 I am part of the broker Saxo Bank, currently continues to carry out their projects and sharing these profits for charities.


4.0 rating
January 11, 2020

Very good manual trading. Successes!


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