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He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 28, 1954. He graduated from the Presbyterian Day School, an elementary boys school, before attending the University College of Memphis where he would study high school, then went to the University of Virginia, obtaining the undergraduate degree in Economics in 1976, as well as a welterweight boxing championship. In 1976, he started working in commercial plants as an employee and later became an EF Hutton broker.

In 1980, Jones founded Tudor Investment Corporation, which is the management company of its different private investment companies, also known as hedge funds, which is today one of the main asset management companies of the company based in Greenwich, Connecticut. The Tudor Group, which consists of the Tudor Investment Corporation and its affiliates, is involved in asset trading, investment and research in world heritage, venture capital, debt, currencies and commodity markets. One of Jones’ earliest and most important successes was the prediction of Black Monday in 1987, tripling his money during the event due to the large short positions.

Mr. Jones previously served as director of the Futures Industry Association and his contribution to the creation and development of an education annex for the association was important at the then Futures Industry Institute, a research institute later called the Markets Institute Financial companies based in Washington DC. Mr. Jones was also an advocate for the design and implementation of the first ethics training course that became the standard for the exchange of membership in all futures markets in the United States.

In March 2011, its assets were estimated at USD 3.3 billion by Forbes Magazine and ranked as the richest 107 in America and 336 richest in the world. In March 2012, Jones ranks 330th on the list of the richest people in the world. Industry standards are two percent per annum of assets under management and twenty percent of profits, while Tudor Investment Corp. charges four percent per annum of assets under management and twenty-three percent of benefits. In February 2013, Forbes listed him as one of the 40 highest-income hedge fund managers.

In 1987 PBS film “TRADER: The Documentary” was filmed, the film shows Jones as a young man predicting the fall of 1987, using methods similar to those of market forecaster Robert Prechter. Although the video was shown on public television in November 1987, there are very few copies. According to Michael Glyn, the video’s director, Jones asked in 1990 that the documentary be removed from circulation. The video has surfaced from time to time in different pages of video sharing and torrent sites, but has often been removed soon after due to claims for copyright. The firm of Jones USD 17.7 billion as of June 1, 2007. Its investment capabilities are broad and diverse, including macro global trade, capital investment primarily in the United States and Europe, emerging markets, venture capital , commodities, their event-based strategies and technical negotiation systems.


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