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In my beginnings, in the 90s, my problems were clearly the lack of information that there was in society and even more so the lack of training in the stock market. Since there is no internet, looking for your life in this sector was impossible mission.

 Collect information in banks, economic press, managers or some broker, there were very few, were your only opportunities to illustrate about it. From the 2000s, with the Internet revolution, everything began to be easier in this sector and to grow as the foam until today. Both in those distant times and today, for any investor or trader, your main problem will be to become faithful to your own investment system and be able to manufacture your system coupled with your personal life. Having a profitable trading system annually can take years of learning and practicing in the markets.

In my personal experience, overcoming this step was not so easy, since it requires constant, very professional training, learning to lose in some cycles, not trying to get through the anxiety of living in this profession in the short term and, above all, Let time mature you as an investor or speculator. Yes it is true, because this is what happened to me, that having your own personal investment system should be the fusion of several techniques learned by professionals in the sector and coupled with my own person or lifestyle. The main factor to earn money constantly every year is to pass a stage of professional training in stock exchange or trading.

You have to treat this profession like any job and nobody becomes professional in this complex job in a weekend course or going to free broker seminars to attract clients. The formative process in financial markets and the personal adaptation of each one require, sometimes, years of study and practice, before beginning to see positive results.

Being a very personal profession, your lifestyle and your own aversion to risk will undoubtedly mark the time periods in the relationship with trading. If I have something very clear and, I have lived it in my veins or I see it every day with my trading students, it is that people with conservative genetics are those who survive the market over the years.

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