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I have been interested in the world of finance and the stock market since I was very small. Over the age of 11-12 years I was already reading the salmon-colored pages of the Sunday newspaper, and trying to decipher the way to know which companies would be the ones that would go up in the stock market the following week. If I ever guessed right, it was pure luck, but curiosity about the world of the stock market and the investment was already inside me.

I graduated in Business Administration and Management in the year 2007, obtaining the final prize for academic merit. After finishing my degree, I did a Master’s Degree in Finance at the Michael Smurfit School of Business in Dublin, coinciding with the outbreak of the housing bubble and the subprime crisis. Finally, I graduated in Law from the University of A Coruña. I am also a member of the Association of Economists of A Coruña and of EFPA (European Financial Planning Association), for which I am officially certified as a European financial advisor.

After 10 years as an investor, the results have supported this investment philosophy. My audited profitability is 17.1% per annum compounded over these 10 years, a cumulative 383.1%. In other words, it means multiplying the initial equity by 4.83, surpassing all the indices with a large margin.


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Originally posted 2021-03-04 17:15:00.

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  1. Phil Adanson says:

    He began his career from a very young age and obviously has a lot of experience about the world of trading, and also has one of the most effective and positive indexes that exist among the most important investors around the world.

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