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Steinhardt Partners has only witnessed two years of losses, in both cases, the net loss was less than 2% before the adjustments of profit incentive rates, a superior performance that Steinhardt has achieved by using a wide variety of approaches. He is a long-term investor and a short-term trader, buys stocks in times of trouble at low prices, invests large amounts of company capital in other investment vehicles, such as Treasury securities, if he feels it is the best option investment.

To be sure of its history, Steinhardt Partners does not act alone, in addition to its co-founders, over the years the company has employed numerous operators and analysts, however, there was never any doubt that Steinhardt was clearly responsible. Review the company’s portfolio several times each day, although it offers the company’s operators the freedom to make their own judgments, Steinhardt will require the operator to rigorously justify his position, if he thinks he is wrong Steinhardt will cancel and will liquidate the position. The scrutiny and control of the company’s portfolio is extreme, Steinhardt has earned a reputation as a very demanding man for this investment work, obviously, too demanding for many of the traders who have left the company in others years. Currently steinhardt management is not active.

More: https://www.forbes.com/profile/michael-steinhardt/

Originally posted 2021-08-04 16:32:38.

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