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Mario Valle is one of the most prominent Mexicans in Silicon Valley. He was a pioneer of the video game industry in Latin America and for 11 years he was executive of the giant Electronic Arts.

Mario (donor and #terco fan of the first hour) tells us he was comfortable and happy in EA. But the opportunity he saw of investing in videogames by independent creators in Asia, Europe, Latin America and even Africa seemed too big to pass up.

“Or I stay another five years in Electronic Arts scratching my belly …or I shit because here is the opportunity to be part of a truly exciting story of growth, talent, people doing interesting things. And, well, I want to be in the front row. “

So he resigned. And launched Altered Ventures, a fund that invests as if it were a Hollywood producer: It puts money into projects, video games, and not companies. Therefore, it does not ask developers to give it a percentage ownership of their companies, which, he says, in regions such as Latin America leads to abuses on the part of investors.

Mario has 36 million dollars to invest in new titles and part of his work to launch the fund was to travel the world playing videogames to know what is coming. He already invested in an innovative game made in Norway (which is launched on June 21 on Nintendo Switch) and soon more ..

Thanks to his experience as an EA global executive and as an angel investor in Silicon Valley, Mario has a unique and very interesting perspective of where the world of technology is moving.


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Originally posted 2020-11-30 21:22:56.

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