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First of all, I would like to comment that I do not define myself as a trader, but rather as a long-term investor, so I will focus my responses on long-term investment and not on trading. For me, trading is something short-term, and it’s something I do not recommend (why do not I recommend trading?)

My biggest obstacle when starting to invest was that everything was new to me. I found an infinity of information and I had no idea what an action was, the quote or a dividend, so I was very lost. When you start and you find yourself facing something so unknown, the first instinct is to leave it, since it seems that you will never understand a word of what you read, but it is important to have proof and follow it.

As time passes and based on reading books and especially blogs, you realize that you start to understand everything, and it is something that everyone can achieve.

The most important thing to earn money on the investment is in my opinion to have a clear and mechanized strategy and to follow it no matter what happens.

Your worst enemy when you invest, whether in the long term or in the short term, is yourself. Feelings like greed and fear are what can make you lose more money, and with a mechanized strategy you can eliminate them from the equation.

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