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Although to start in this exciting world of the stock market you find an infinite number of difficulties that seem to have no solution, in my case there was an obstacle that stood out above the rest, and was to decide what approach should give the stock market. Did I have to speculate, buying and selling shares by fixing only their price, or should I invest, also looking at their value?

To overcome this situation of indecision I tried a long list of speculative and investment approaches until, looking at the results I obtained, I realized that there was an approach that allowed me to earn more money and risk less even spending much less time than rest: the business approach of the Stock Exchange.

Focusing the stock market from a business perspective means seeing the shares as what they really are, a part of the ownership of the business that is behind, so that buying them can be enjoyed in the long term benefits that get that company.

And, once I discovered this approach and the results it gave me, it was very clear to me that it would be the approach that I would give to the Exchange for the rest of my life, so I found the solution in my own results and in my experience.



Originally posted 2021-11-13 11:07:25.

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