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After studying Business Administration and completing a Master’s Degree in M.B.A I worked for several years in Madrid, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Miami as an auditor of companies.

After a time traveling through Latin America and working in different companies, one day I saw a television interview about the world of trading and I asked myself, “Can you really make money working less and enjoying more of my free time from anywhere in the world? world?”.

This is when I started to get interested in trading, because I was always passionate about finances and investments and it would be a dream to be able to work from home or from anywhere, without schedules, without pressure and being able to live the lifestyle I want and not the one that society has imposed on us.

Soon after, I created my long-term investment portfolio and I was trained in intraday trading with futures on indices, comoditis and Forex.

I dedicate myself in a professional way to trading and in my free time I taught trading to other people.

My goal is that my students can learn faster and avoid the mistakes I made in my beginnings, so in my private classes and in my courses I teach how to analyze the market and detect the opportunities it offers, but always managing your economy and controlling your emotions.



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