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Lucian Miers is a British trader who likes to operate in bear markets, he tells us how to guide himself through his process of selecting actions he performs in a short time, and in particular how to avoid disasters in these unlimited moves to the bottom, Miers believes that short selling more easily accommodates his trading style, simply because it is easier for him to detect companies that will fail than those that will win, especially in small businesses.

Stocks are being driven by negative real interest rates, people think they are smart enough to detect warning signs and get out, but they are deceived, history shows that optimists who claim QE will not end badly are wrong, The consensus is that the countries that apply QE will gradually inflate themselves out of trouble, but in fact we will probably see a sovereign debt crisis in the future.

Twitter: @Lucianmiers

Originally posted 2020-11-25 11:08:28.

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