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Linda Bradford Raschke takes trading very seriously, so much so that she operates even until the last day of her pregnancy. contract. Raschke knew that she wanted to get involved in the markets from an early age, when she did not have the possibility of getting a job as a stockbroker after graduating from college, she took the routine of waiting outside the floor of the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. mornings before going to work, until meeting an operator who worked in the Stock Exchange.

Linda spent six years as a floor operator, initially on the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange and then on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, with the exception of one catastrophic event early in her business career, Raschke made money steadily as an operator of floor. At the end of 1986, when the injuries suffered in an accident forced Raschke to operate from an office, he discovered that he preferred to negotiate outside the negotiating floor.

From then on, he implemented his trading office, although many floor traders who try to make the transition to negotiation from an office find major difficulties in the first year of the transition, the first year of Raschke away from the floor of negotiation was Best of all, she continued to be a consistently profitable trader in the following years.

Twitter: @LindaRaschke

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