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José Luis Cava is one of the most recognized and successful stock market speculators in the stock market, his passion for markets, to which he dedicates himself as a hobby, in addition to his professional career in banking and his work as inspector of finance in Spain , have made him one of the best connoisseurs of the stock market.

José Luis Cava, despite his extensive knowledge of fundamental analysis is a clear speculator of technical analysis, focused on the analysis of Elliott waves, publishes daily market analysis on the Bolsacava website and has written two books on speculation: Systems Of Speculation In Stock Market And The Art Of Speculating.

José Luis Cava tells us: “In the days when I was studying Business Studies at CUNEF, I had a professor who explained to me in a simple and easy way the chapter of the Monetary Offer, from that moment I followed the strong correlation that exists between the March of the stock markets and the money supply. “

Twitter: @jluiscava

Originally posted 2020-11-20 06:32:12.

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