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Joe Ritchie is the founder and the brain behind CRT, his ideas, concepts and theories are the ones that serve as models for the complex strategies that guide the company, although he has never taken an advanced math course, Joe Ritchie is considered by many as a genius of mathematics, a natural fact, given the intricate mathematical nature of the trading models used by CRT, Joe describes mathematics as something he feels or understands naturally.

As you would expect from a man who has built one of the most successful business operations in the world, Joe Ritchie is dynamic, energetic and brilliant, work is fun for him because it represents an endless challenge and a constantly changing puzzle. But there is another key aspect that characterizes Joe Ritchie in his work: people. “I love coming to work,” he says, not only that he likes what he does, but that he considers CRT a great family, possesses a genuine feeling of affection for his employees.


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