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I am a trader who has absolute control of everything he does (for better or for worse) and consequently with adequate mental control (one leads to the other), with a parameterized methodology to know at all times what to do in any situation than the graph of the present asset.

I am a money manager, I use a methodology based on the possible thinking of the institutional. I make my decisions to start and finish my investments with a system of analysis always thinking about the constant manipulation that there is in the markets and from there I do not care at all what the price of an asset does, since the strict management and the follow-up I do does the rest.

I am an investor that assumes a gain as well as a loss, because both are part of the game. I have understood that the secret of a good investment is not based on starting it at a perfect price, but it is just as important or closing it at the right time. One without another, is worth nothing.

I am a trader of the definitive trading, that through effort, hours of work and perseverance I beat the market. I have learned that making money in the stock market is neither quick, nor easy nor cheap. That you should not use the trading thoughts used by the majority and that above all a good trader should think before how to manage their possible losses than their possible profits.



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Originally posted 2021-03-01 14:06:10.

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