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“Jim” Simons is a cryptanalyst, mathematician, academic, investment advisor, billionaire and philanthropist who lives in New York. In 1982 Simons founded Renaissance Technologies Corporation, a private investment company based in New York, with more than $ 12,000 million of assets to manage. Simons continues to lead the company as president of what is one of the most successful hedge funds in the world. According to Institutional Investor magazine, Simons earned $ 1,700 million in 2006 and $ 1,500 million in 2005 (the highest income among hedge fund managers that year).

The most influential research of Simons consisted in the discovery and application of certain geometrical measurements and has given rise to the Chern-Simons form (also called the Chern-Simons theory). The theory has a wide use in theoretical physics, in particular string theory. With an estimated net wealth of $ 5,500 million, Simons is listed by Forbes as the 57th richest person in America. He was named by the Financial Times in 2006 as the “smartest” billionaire.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jim-simons-4a0a3062

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