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Jesús Porro, a vocation teacher who practices trading as a passion. For a few years he lives in Scotland with the cold that he makes there! and is entirely dedicated to trading, investment and “their labors”.

Although Jesus became interested in the world of the stock market since his adolescence, he recognizes that he could not dedicate himself to it until he reached 25 years old, I imagine that’s why family independence.

Until then he was dedicated to his vocation. Teaching as a high level certified instructor in companies such as Hewlett Packard, Cisco or Microsoft.

His first steps in the stock market were made through the purchase of shares of the Ibex 35. As he recognizes, he bought the shares without knowing why, which generated some uneasiness. It was not enough for him to make money if he did not know how he did it. From the shares, he went on to try futures and mutual funds until, finally, he discovered his niche: the financial options.

Although his investment is made with several strategies, the true formative interest has in the financial options. And more specifically, in strategies called Delta Neutral that operates in lateral markets. And that is the main reason why he opened his blog: Of all he knows, this is the subject that he likes to teach the most. It will be because there is not much literature in Spanish and, maybe, I’m thinking about writing a book about it.

In addition to the stock market and after seeing how his friends and family make financial decisions without much sense, he has ventured with another blog. The name I think that reveals quite clearly the purpose of it: That’s right, a little Financial Education does not hurt the Spaniards. Many dislikes we would have saved.


Twitter @tradingopciones

Originally posted 2020-10-30 12:35:22.

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