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Jack D. Schwager was born on June 27, 1948 in Antwerp, Belgium, and is a renowned author who is also a fund manager and industry expert in futures and hedge funds. He obtained his education at Brooklyn College and Brown University completing a postgraduate in Economics. He is also the portfolio manager of ADM Investor Services Diversified Strategies Fund and most of D. Schwager’s books are designed on his future experiences and managed FX accounts. Additionally; Many of the written works of D. Schwager are also based on his experience as a partner in the Fortune Group.

That was a firm specialized in the management of hedge funds. Some of Mr. Schwager’s best book series are written based on hedge fund management and reflect his experience and experience in the field. In addition, his experience as director of futures research over two decades and the services provided to some of the leading Wall Street firms also contributed to the creation of works included in the list of books by D. Schwager.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jackschwager

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_D._Schwager

Web: https://jackschwager.com/

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  1. Cipriano Abate says:

    Questo è uno dei trader più noti e ha fatto un’incredibile differenza rispetto agli altri perché ha avuto una serie sorprendente in cui ha realizzato solo un profitto, qualcosa di molto difficile da fare e soprattutto diversi anni fa, quando c’erano anche molti altri trader di alto livello che lo ha reso molto competitivo.

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