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Since I was very young I had a lot of worries about doing business and doing different things. Along the way I have had all kinds of challenges and I have always decided to see them as opportunities, even when I did not even understand why they were happening. Working on my personal growth has been the most important and thanks to that I have managed to form a character of determination and personal self-improvement.

Because when you try to do things different from the ordinary and act under your own instincts, many people will not understand you or give you their support, but if you have a clear goal and you know where you want to go, nothing will stop you on your way.

Vivo Del Trading is born of the ideas of a person, of an entrepreneur, restless with the traditional, in constant change and desire to learn new things. Not to stay like a tree in places where I know I will not grow. Not to ignore the amount of misinformation suffered by new people in Trading.

It’s something that I’m passionate about, so I decided to start up and work on creating sincere and real material. It is about strategies in a way of doing Trading that is sustainable over time. Where you can tell a person that this is a career and not a hobby, without creating false expectations, and that you have all the information necessary to take those first steps, such as teaching a child to walk. But do not confuse yourself: nobody can do the work for you.

If you really want to be a successful trader, you must develop your character, be diligent, self motivated, with your own criteria, teachable, humble, ambitious, patient, kind, without rigid thoughts, control the EGO. Nothing absolutely nothing is going to happen if you do not become 100% responsible for your learning. Never turn to look at another person and point to him as responsible for your failures. If you take charge of creating in you that individual with those characteristics, your vision of life will be totally different.

Facebook: https://es-la.facebook.com/public/Elias-Sayalero

Infoperiodistas: http://www.infoperiodistas.info/Elias-Sayalero/perfil-profesional/290328

Elias Sayalero: Instagram: @vivodeltrading

Originally posted 2021-05-02 15:33:02.

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