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Economist and Master in Finance from the University of Alcalá. He also completed the Higher Program in Portfolio Management in Financial Markets at the Instituto de Empresa Business School (Spain). He is an expert Trader in the trading of Futures on Commodities, Stock Exchanges, Currencies and American and European Debt Bonds. He has held positions in Santander Asset Management (Spain) in the area of ??Fixed Income. For 6 years he was a Financial and Market Risk Auditor at Banco Santander (Colombia). He has also held management positions in intermediary companies in the financial sector.

Eduardo Moreno, general manager of 21Trading Coach, explains that the strategy of the ‘market profile’ consists in “identifying the moments in which vertical movements occur”. These are the words of the expert within the Trading Room that is held this Wednesday and Thursday in Madrid and is organized by Investment Strategies. This procedure avoids a very common failure and is “wanting to constantly enter the markets”.

Based on graphs, Moreno says that “while the price is within a red zone we would not be interested in the value given that it would remain lateral”. Another thing is the ‘blue’ zone that reflects vertical trends. “If you operate within the red zone it is the equivalent of operating within a channel.”

In the opinion of the expert, “Market profile allows to operate in any time frame because the indicator fits into any time frame.” The objective “is to look for an asset that shows areas of value in all time frames and that allows the break during that trading session, having three time frames confirming that break, the success rate is high”.





Originally posted 2020-10-28 16:13:43.

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