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David Lenigas is a successful entrepreneur, creating work for many people, he was born and raised in Australia in a country family, on the edge of the desert and in the middle of nowhere, life was not easy as a child, and his parents they worked hard for their family, their father worked in various jobs to educate six children and give them education, he learned that life is the path one forges, left home at the age of 18 and working in mining.

Over the years it has rescued and re-empowered dozens of companies in countries around the world, providing jobs and opportunities for governments and their people.

The multiplier effect of providing real work in a developing country is huge, in the developed world it is said that for every person there is a job, and there are eight people who benefit directly as a result, but in the developing world, I think it is the double, this is what drives him to build large companies, and the transformation of communities for improvement.

Twitter: @DavidLenigas
Website: https://www.davidlenigas.com

Originally posted 2020-11-26 06:00:40.

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