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Danuska Danaes, 32 years old, of Italian nationality but currently residing in France, single, finished her university studies at the Sapienza – Università di Roma obtaining the degree as a Graduate in Operations Manager and accounts being graduated at 24 years of age, but he himself was not an expert in account management since he did not consider this type of charge to be relatively important, because he said that it was simply nanny jobs having to be alert if the client is ok, if the services provided were useful, the more you want to serve in operations than the need to be aware of people.
At 20 he became interested in the world of the foreign exchange market, international trade, decided to enter the world of accounts and operations management, which he trained as a professional, once graduated at age 24 began in the world I started working at the company Valuta Mondiale in Italy as an operation manager in a period of 3 years, being recognized as employee of the month for 2 consecutive years, then I travel to New York where I work as customer service, in the company Mayer Community in which he spent 8 months, in this town he did not decide to stay longer because it was not a job he wanted, since he did not like to be in contact with people, he traveled to Rome where he first started in the company World Roma, here he received the charge of account manager, which he did not like but was in need of accepting it since he did not have another job offer and he was also new to the country, so he needed to cover his These, here lasted a period 1 year and 9 months, in which he obtained a profit of 50.23%, but for the same was nothing since in Italy he obtained as operator the amount of 60.23%, without having to be a nanny like him He said; Now she decided to resign since she found a job in 2014 where she was an operations manager in the company Express World which deals with the Forex market, and she was not going to be in the world of accounts, her start was as he wanted but the company saw something and they elevated it of charge like account manager; It is not a secret that the factors called sales and operations are departments that do not always get along, the young woman had difficulty exercising her position, she was pressured, because she had to fulfill different functions to those she previously owned, which were:
Improve the effectiveness of operations
Improve the control of service levels and quality
Improve relationships with end-user departments
Develop the potential of the staff

Now he had to adapt and begin to fulfill the responsibilities that his new position brings, since they are supervising the accounting activities of the company, the generation of new businesses either by new clients or the growth of existing clients.

The young Danuska looked worried and afraid of not getting her job done, the fear of working with a new and bigger team knowing that she had a main function that was the financial increase of the company, she thought that her biggest fight It would be to work in a team since it was very closed and did not live with people. Now one of its main tasks was to be the point of contact of the different accounts in which the Account Management team was responsible, taking care of the relationship with the clients and satisfying all their needs, while guaranteeing that they were aware of the services offered by the company and those advances in the sector that may interest them.

In the beginning I generate a lot of confusion, I came to think that she practically had to be a nanny when she was aware of all the clients and of communicating the new services that were generated, something that from the beginning of her career she did not want, but nevertheless as it was a young dedicated to everything he was asked decided to take a risk and began to live a new experience, he said that he was twice in this position in different companies, and he was curious to see the Why? They put her in that position, there was a reason, then she began to see the fruits in a period of 12 months dedicated undoubtedly to her work, since she saw that there are many advantages to this service, both for the client and for the provider of services.

From the point of view of the clients, it is an advantage to have someone whose function is to make sure that he is satisfied with the services provided, or if he is the opposite of imposing a complaint if it is the case, they also get the peace of mind who are receiving the attention that they require as main people in the financial increase of the company. That said, the young woman began to see that what she did was important because practically for her services the company raised her finances in fact, in that period of 12 months there was an increase of 40.34% to 70.56% financially, all due to the attention that was provided to the customers which generated fame and attracted new buyers and allowed the economic increase of the company.

Then the young woman began to realize, the ability she had to raise the accounts of a company, which not many people can do, but he did, saw that he had the gift and love to make everything grow. After a period of 2 years and 4 months, she was recognized as one of the best Account Managers, for her dedication and good treatment of clients.

She told herself that one should not judge a work without first having experienced it, and that the dedication and commitment that is placed on a goal, purpose, dream, work, among others, bring success and also growth and personal change.

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