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When Colm O’Shea is asked to remember mistakes from past learning experiences of his trading, he struggled to find an example, and finally, the best he could do was describe an operation that was an opportunity to lose profits. It’s not that O’Shea does not make mistakes, he makes many as he freely recognizes, he’s wrong in at least 50% of his operations, however, he never leaves a mistake remotely approaching the point where it would be a disastrous story to tell, The large losses of trading are simply incompatible with their methodology.

O’Shea is a global macro trader, his style of strategy seeks to benefit from correctly anticipating the direction of trends in global currency markets, interest rates, stocks and commodities. O’Shea has never had a year of losses, most of his history, covering his years in Citigroup and Soros, is not available for public disclosure, so precise statements about performance can not be made. The only part of this record that is available is for the period in Balyasny, which began in December 2004, and its current portfolio of hedge funds, which was launched in June 2006.


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