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In five days he made a profit of almost 1,300 euros, which many do not earn in a month. Operated in the currency market, with CFDs on the euro / dollar or the pound / dollar. He has never set foot in the University, among other things because he has hardly even given him time. And it is that Carlos de Joaquín, 19 years old, claims to have developed a discretionary trading system with which he is able to make money consistently in this market, probably the most complicated of all. Is it a matter of luck or can you really live on trading? “Yes, I did it”

This young broker (former client for more of the “ill-fated” Interdin) states that they have a “discretionary system” developed based on conditions that never expire and that limits losses to a maximum of 1%, with a profit ratio (obviously) more advantageous than that percentage.

And why the Forex? “I chose the Forex market because it offered a financial leverage of 1:20 and it is also a market with great liquidity and allows to operate with any size of portfolio,” he explains. And so he is able to make a living.

Looking to the future, and being asked about what he will do with the system, Carlos de Joaquín does not rule out putting it on the market, although before “I need to know if the commercialization will be profitable”. What is clear is that this is not a product of luck. “I am self-taught and I have developed the system based on making a lot of mistakes and correcting mistakes,” explains Joaquín.

To carry out all his research he had to develop a methodology to see the traces of participation of financial institutions in financial assets, in order to know their behavior. Some of the parameters used were the detection of institutional participation, a macroeconomic, quantitative, and technical analysis, always taking into account a benefit / loss ratio.

For now, live trading, without further, and hopes to continue improving in the future. Would you leave the fate of your financial future in the hands of this teenager? Well, there are those who have already done it. “I live from this and manage the assets of individuals and businessmen,” says Carlos de Joaquín.



Incredible man

December 6, 2019

Amazing character, I love his life. Long live trading. congratulations


Originally posted 2019-06-26 22:16:47.

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