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Blair Hull came to trading through the blackjack tables, it is not as strange as it seems, since in fact there are strong parallels between the two activities, the point is not that success in trading is similar to luck in games of chance, but rather that consistently winning both is a matter of strategy and discipline, it is not just luck, luck plays an important role only in the short term, where its potential adverse impact must be neutralized by the controls of money management

Hull started trading with $ 25,000 at the end of 1976 and by the beginning of 1979 had multiplied his participation twenty-two times, continued to accumulate consistent earnings in subsequent years, averaging approximately 100% per year (except those years in which he took sabbaticals) . In 1985, he launched his company Hull Trading Company to allow a more widespread application of their trading strategies, the company started with a staff of five people, but expanded rapidly, reaching almost one hundred employees in mid-1991.

Twitter: @blairhull

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