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I was born in Cádiz, in southern Spain, in 1983 in a middle class family. There I studied my basic education, moving at the age of 18 to the city of Seville to continue with my university education; I graduated in Business Sciences specialized in e-bussines. During my university studies, my interest in the world of the Stock Market grew, attending seminars and courses on this subject periodically. And so, at the end of my university career, I started trading with small investments and testing the different methods learned.

Through my frequent visits to a Trading Room from where I usually operated, I was offered the possibility of joining, as a stock exchange operator, the staff of a company located in Seville. In this company I served for a period of 2 years, where I could mature as an investor to have to account for the results obtained by my decisions at the time of investing. Also in this company, there was the first meeting with those who are now my partners in Mr. Jose Luis García López and Ms. Vanessa Mendoza Izquierdo.

Subsequently, I served in another company in the sector for a period of two years, holding the position of Head of Portfolio Management, operating with a methodology developed during my years of study and experience. At this time, and after various contacts with those who are now my partners in, the idea arises to create a company that will show investors our way of seeing and understanding the stock market, in a real and practical way, being able to communicate how we detect investment opportunities. And so, in 2012, was born.

It is obvious that the world of trading is currently experiencing greater popularity moments than in previous times. People of all conditions feel interested in this sector that was previously a great unknown. This phenomenon that we observe in Spain supposes that it can be extrapolated to other geographic zones, which in the case of Latin America would suppose a great volume of business given its demography. So we believe that, without a doubt, many brokers will focus their attention on this market.

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  1. Anselme Bellamy says:

    Andrés fait partie des 10 meilleurs traders espagnols existants du fait de ses mouvements très efficaces et de son expérience trop enrichissante.

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