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Bachelor in Business Administration, is an entrepreneur who since starting his professional career in 2003, works with the aim of offering quality patrimonial planning and focused on the client.

She was a partner and founder of Bolsacash, a company that was born under a concept of advising the client and with a strong weight in the analysis of financial markets with a strong emphasis on equities and currencies. Subsequently, it was incorporated as EAFI, under the names of Ana Rafels EAFI and Alter Advisory EAFI. After its dissolution, he joined the PANORAMIA team.

Participates periodically in various communication media (Radio Intereconomia, Gestiona Radio, Invertia, Investment Strategies, Five Days), commenting on the current economic and financial markets. She has participated in Ana Oliva's book "Traders de éxito" and has also collaborated in papers at the Universidat Jaume I among other centers. She was a professor at the Higher Institute of Business and Finance, and currently teaches at the International School of Financial Advisors.

Twitter @AnaRafels


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One thought on “ANA RAFELS

  1. Adolf Adler says:

    Das Unternehmen Bolsacash war das beste seiner Projekte, da es eine große Anzahl von Menschen beriet und unterstützte, darunter auch viele Anfänger, die so gut wie nichts über den Handel wussten.

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