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In terms of the profitability / risk ratio, Al Weiss may well have the only and best long-term trajectory, for a commodity trading adviser, since he started operating in 1982 as an AZF Product Manager, Weiss has an average 52% annual in its performance. A thousand dollars invested with Weiss in 1982 would have increased to $ 53,000 by the end of 1991, however, the returns are only half the story, the truly impressive element in Weiss’ record is that these high profits were achieved with a small provision of initial capital credit.

Throughout this period, the largest capital loss by Weiss was 17% in 1986, between years (1988-91), Weiss perfected its control of risks, achieving truly surprising results, during this period, its maximum average annual decline it was below 5%, while its average annual return exceeded 29%. Despite his long track record of results, Weiss has maintained a very low profile, until 1991, Weiss repeatedly refused to grant any interviews arguing that, “I did not feel that my methods were adequately tested until at least a decade had passed. superior performance. “

Al Weiss has also rejected advertising because of his solitary nature, admits that, during the decade that he has managed investment funds, he has met only five of his clients, although Weiss becomes extroverted by phone, in person he dominates his shy side . One of Weiss’ hobbies is to invest with other operators, he dedicates one or two days a month to this effort, it is estimated that, in recent years, he has reviewed the history of approximately eight hundred traders.


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