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Aaron Trader professional, expert in the trading of exotic pairs, was the dedication to his preparation that took him to know the market of his favorite coins, that although volatile, managed to predict with enough accuracy to become a millionaire with them. Aaron made trips to Russia and Norway to learn more about the RUB and NOK market respectively, which led him to study not only the economic but political, cultural and sociological context of each country whose currency aroused interest.

Aaron began to write about his studies on exotic pairs and came to make several video calls called: Exotic peer studios for new traders with successful traders in the area around the world, that was his second elk point in 2002, date in the one that received multiple calls from brokers interested in Aaron being part of his team, requests to which he refused.
He is currently one of the most successful traders expert in exotic pairs, his success was based on leaving the trade of main pairs to focus mainly on the analysis and execution of trade in exotic pairs. Currently he is dedicated to the realization of automatic systems.

Contact email: [email protected]

Originally posted 2021-01-29 23:06:20.

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